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Family Album: He’s Going 70 in a 60 Zone.

It’s taken three months of celebrating to convince us all (especially him!) that the CE is really, truly 70 years old. Everyone knows he is a stubborn cuss, but who else gets away with refusing to age? Here he is … Continue reading

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Day of the Dad

I can’t improve on last year’s tribute to the CE but mustn’t let the weekend go by without reminding him how much I appreciate his stellar accomplishments as uberDad.Tomorrow, PG and I will fete him at brunch and tell all the usual … Continue reading

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The PE and the CE

Every now and then a new reader asks “What is a CE?” It stands for Chicken Emperor, which, along with CCD (Canine Cruise Director) is DH’s current day job. But it wasn’t always thus. Once upon a time, the CE … Continue reading

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Yes, we have some cabanas.

Take my word for it – it’s nothing but work, work, work here in these Hawaiian isles. For instance, the CE is up at dawn every day to snag prime beach chairs for us. Then there’s the walk – there’s … Continue reading

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San Diego Salute

We road-tripped it to San Diego last weekend with PG in tow to visit nephew Nick, aka The Midshipman, who is stationed there for a few weeks. He’s doing fun things like riding around on aircraft carriers and submarines and getting … Continue reading

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It may be summer, but here’s an Autumn update

Miss Autumn’s day so far: early morning poke-about in the Chicken Kingdom, attended by humans bearing liberal handouts of scratch, a nap on the hallway Oriental carpet, brief altercation with sister Hope, who interprets any move in her direction as … Continue reading

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So much to celebrate!

Alexandra may be the only person who can claim her birthday was upstaged by chickens. Her birthday was last week and we celebrated with a lovely lunch: Alexandra drove south to celebrate her birthday with a hot-air balloon ride, but … Continue reading

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Re-wind Pt 3 of 3: They say it’s your birthday!

Just a run-of-the-mill birthday, or so I thought. As they stack up, they seem less like a collection and more like, well, old age, I guess. I was planning to be happy with the gift of tyrannical tv remote appropriation (anyone up … Continue reading

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More proof that chickens rule the earth.

Herodotus and Ovid wrote of the phoenix rising from the ashes. Fast-forward a few millenia and we’ve got feral chickens ruling the roost after Hurricane Katrina. The Times-Picayune reported last week that in post-Katrina New Orleans, feral chickens are dancing in the streets. It is surmised … Continue reading

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Everywhere a chick chick!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a hard time tearing myself away from the U-stream video of the Decorah, Iowa eagles this week. http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles Twenty-five million viewers cannot be wrong: with a narrowly averted government shutdown (yawn…)  and ANOTHER … Continue reading

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