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How Monet’s Garden Grows (in the Bronx)

Last weekend’s NYC weather was glorious and we celebrated by heading up to the Bronx for opening day of The New York Botanical Garden’s “Monet’s Garden” exhibit. Faithful readers will recall that we visited the Garden a few years back … Continue reading

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Columbia U. Graduation, Part II: Commencement

Columbia’s university-wide Commencement ceremony brought together the 5,667 undergraduates of Columbia College, SEAS  and Barnard College as well as those receiving advanced degrees. It was a sea of blue! The weather initially threatened a sea of rain like the day … Continue reading

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Columbia U. Graduation, Part One: Class Day

Milestone. Transition. Endings. Beginnings. And lots of tears! I think they were all mine. I foolishly told someone a few weeks ago that I didn’t think graduations were such a big deal. I was temporarily insane. Because when your baby … Continue reading

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May in NYC: In and around the Park

When we were last here in March, the trees were still bare.  But when we awoke and opened the drapes our first morning here this trip,  we were greeted by the lush, green canopy that is the spring/summer fashion in … Continue reading

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On Mothers Day: Thoughts from a Real Mama Hen

In honor of Mothers Day, today we have an exclusive interview with Hope, a single mother of five adopted daughters. Interviewer: Hope, thanks for joining us today. We understand you took on a real labor of love by adopting five … Continue reading

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Canto or Won’t-o?

There is no more certain kiss of death than the New Year’s Resolution, is there? You hang that fresh calendar on the wall and envision the New You in the New Year. Yeah, right. Three weeks later you’re back in the … Continue reading

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Have you hugged a chicken today?

May 4 is International Respect for Chickens Day. That’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T with some Aretha attitude, by the way. It’s your chance to make up for any transgressions you might have accumulated against our feathery friends. I suppose eating them might be … Continue reading

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