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In Dog Years, She’s Perfect.

Chloe just turned ten. And I don’t want to talk about it. I know what they say about dog years. Well, la la la la la with my fingers plugged in my ears to that! Here are some Chloe pix … Continue reading

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A Golden Opportunity

Just in case you aren’t awake all night click-click-clicking on the Internet like I am, you may have missed a recent and most welcome addition to the viral pantheon: Bob, the Golden Retriever. I used to think Chloe had the … Continue reading

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The Day Chloe Ate A Chicken Carcass.

Firstly: no, it wasn’t one our our chickens. Second, as you may have guessed, I’ve waited all week to use that headline. No, it wasn’t Lola or Ginger or Summer or Pippa or Luna. It was some distant cousin of theirs, … Continue reading

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A clamor has arisen: why does Soho get a birthday party but not Chloe? And the answer I always give is that Chloe does not need a party because in her world, every day is a party.  Chloe is always, … Continue reading

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Someone’s Got a Screw Loose…

I promised you a less-than-perfect-day and we certainly had one this week. I’ll return to the travelogue soon, but first, a real-time update on the Saga of The Foot. Faithful readers will recall that just a little over a year … Continue reading

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Home is Where the Tart Is

It’s been a bumpy week. The funeral, which went as well as it possibly could have. The travel, which, um, did not. First, though, thanks to everyone for the meaningful condolences. From cannoli to cards to so, so many beautiful … Continue reading

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Not fat. Just fluffy

It’s true. Chloe is vindicated. After all the speculation, here are the pics to prove it.

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