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How I Read Myself through 2011: Part Two

If you’re making New Year’s Resolutions, you might consider resolving to keep a book list for 2012. I know I’m not the only one who can actually forget the title or the author of a book I recently read or … Continue reading

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The Insomniac’s Bookshelf: How I read my way through 2011 in the dark

Every night is a new adventure when you can’t sleep. Usually I fall asleep easily and then wake up a few hours later and finally fall back to sleep by dawn’s early light. Yeah, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get me … Continue reading

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Pullet Pin-Up

No one is immune to the allure of a fine-looking chick. Admit it –  this beauty is irresistible: Her name, appropriately, is Sophia LoHen. She lives somewhere near us in Southern California, I believe, but like any big star, she keeps her personal … Continue reading

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Best bet: a full house!

It’s beginning to look a lot like…chaos. Other people (who are they, anyway?) have orderly little Christmas holidays  – they string popcorn garlands and go caroling and  order those high-ticket fantasy gifts from the extravaganza known as the Neiman Marcus Christmas book. … Continue reading

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Let’s hear the love for Lucy!

I take back all the mean things I’ve said about Lucy. When you think about how close the chicken coop is to a boiling pot on the stove, it’s almost a Christmas miracle that Lucy hasn’t ended up in a … Continue reading

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Hoo-roo to Dave and Karen!

Instead of G’day Mate, it’s Bon Voyage to Dave and Karen, who are happy as a box of birds to be headed Down Under for several months. This will be bonzer for them as they’ll get to lob-in and chin-wag … Continue reading

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Grandpa and Nana go to Newport.

Nine days until Christmas and what are we doing? Shopping? Wrapping? Addressing Christmas cards? Nope. None of the above. We are slumming in Newport Beach, the devil-may-care alternative to contemplating the dread terror that awaits us when fifteen people show … Continue reading

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What I really want for Christmas: lots of Doxylamine Succinate

I am now on Week Four of the Yuck. That virus that’s been going around and which lingers long, long after its welcome has been outworn. Started with a sore throat, bloomed into a nasty respiratory scourge – plugged ears and nose, … Continue reading

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Chasing Chickens: Harder than it looks!

If you’re following Polloplayer comments, you know that our friend Emily in Oahu is having a dickens of a time catching Casino. Which makes me wish I had video of the CE and myself the other day when the ladies declined … Continue reading

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Wrap up a chicken for Christmas this year.

One of the perks of writing a chicken blog is that I get to be a magnet for all things poultry. I get chicken-subject-lined emails almost every day, which might not be just everyone’s cup of chicken soup but it makes my … Continue reading

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