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We rolled the dice: Las Vegas!

The latest COVID quandary: when is it safe to travel? After a year-plus of living like cave-dwellers, when is the right time to emerge, blinking and trepidatious, into what we used to call normal life? The answer is different depending … Continue reading

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Fact check: No, you can’t actually dig all the way to China

It’s just when you’re gliding along, minding your own business that everything goes wrong. All those insomniac nights, wide awake, worrying about every little thing – that stuff never happens. It’s the moment when all seems placid, contentment within easy … Continue reading

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Blessed Easter.

We live in a time of so much noise and so little truth. It is a joy and a relief to turn to the Good News of the Gospel. Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter. And the promise of … Continue reading

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Family Album: Newport Beach, the long way.

We used to live in and out of our suitcases. But after a year of almost continuous lockdown, a road trip seemed almost daunting. How could we leave the animals? Who can remember how to pack, what to pack, besides … Continue reading

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Fashion Fauxward: Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse.

I am probably the wrong person to go on a rant about anything approaching fashion. Disclaimers abound: For instance, these, for the past year, are what I would call my going-to-work shoes: And – true confessions here – these are … Continue reading

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Spring forward.

Welp. It’s that time again. Someone, somehow, between the wee hours of tonight and tomorrow morning, creeps in and steals an hour from us. I don’t know why a measly hour bothers me after losing an entire year, but I’m … Continue reading

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Lily is 2!

Finally, something to celebrate! Happy birthday, Lily, my love! How would we have made it through this past year without this beautiful girl? Thank goodness dogs don’t wear masks because there have been many days when that pretty face is … Continue reading

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2020 Reading Re-Cap: The Top Ten

If you look back at 2020 as a total loss, you just didn’t spend enough time reading. For me, at least, books were the saving grace of a year of living fearfully. Books were a refuge and an escape, so … Continue reading

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2020 Reading Re-Cap: The Realm of the Real

It’s hard to know what to call non-fiction anymore, given that everything seems to be written with a slant in some direction. Maybe that’s why it’s just easier for me to reach for a novel. But ultimately, the “real” world … Continue reading

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2020 Reading Re-Cap: More Purely Fiction

Many’s the time I’ve been admonished that reading fiction is an indulgence, a waste of time. I see the point. But there’s the rub, I might say (and keep in mind whom I quote). You miss some things along the … Continue reading

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