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And just like that…

Overnight, poof! In the snap of a finger, the snap of a leafless twig, a season has departed. We walked home from the Upper East Side late night before last, the pavement dark but glistening from the day’s drizzle. It … Continue reading

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The Last Fruits of Fall.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Is that the sound of the sky falling?  And then a tremendously loud THWACK, as a deluge of acorns crashes upon the hard plastic roof of the chicken pen. Incredibly, the hens take no notice. You see, … Continue reading

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1,000 Days of Autumn

Do good hens go to Heaven? I hope so. Autumn left us on Thursday morning, and strange as it may sound, we are grieving. For a chicken. I know what you’re thinking but please don’t say it. It’s only a … Continue reading

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It’s officially summer.

For all the yadda yadda yadda about weather in southern CA, some of us think the place should be characterized as sub-Arctic most of the time. Not this week! It is a glorious, warm, sunny day. Autumn is almost done … Continue reading

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It may be summer, but here’s an Autumn update

Miss Autumn’s day so far: early morning poke-about in the Chicken Kingdom, attended by humans bearing liberal handouts of scratch, a nap on the hallway Oriental carpet, brief altercation with sister Hope, who interprets any move in her direction as … Continue reading

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She’s alive and clucking, but don’t read this before eating!

Autumn just returned from the vet and we are poorer by – no, I really can’t tell you how much we just spent on chicken healthcare. Only a fellow poultry enthusiast could understand, and even most of those would probably … Continue reading

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Terrible. Horrible. No good, very bad weekend…keeping our fingers crossed.

I know you’re getting used to more frequent blog posts, so I will try not to disappoint. Just don’t get spoiled, okay? After all, there’s only so much one can say about chickens and the randomness of life, which is … Continue reading

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Chicken Drama: a Broody, Wind Eggs, and Baby Chicks on the Way!

Bear with me and re-wind just one more time to early May. We were in NYC, and  just about to leave our apartment for a long-awaited lunch at Balthazar when the phone call came: “Hope’s not moving”. Our hearts sunk, … Continue reading

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Mean Girls.

I know, it’s not the weekend yet, but Chicken Events occur in their own time. Yesterday we had an altercation, conflagration, confrontation: sisterly love went all sibling rivalry. I heard the racket and went to investigate. Autumn was sitting pretty in the “preferred” … Continue reading

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Poker Night.

The kids and their friends gathered at the kitchen table last night for a friendly game of poker hosted by the CE. Lots of fun! To start things off, Victoria prepared a huge bowl of Spaghetti Carbonara and one of our favorite … Continue reading

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