Nice nest!

We received a very special invitation from our favorite elves, Julia and Grant. Yes, those elves, the ones who spend their Thanksgiving weekend each year putting up all our Christmas decorations for us while we’re in NYC so that we get to come home to a perfectly decorated house. Very special friends, indeed!

The happy couple had their wedding at our house August, 2009

While they were decking our halls for us over this past Thanksgiving holiday, they were also watching the local real estate market and came across a great house at a great price. Faster than you can say quick escrow, they were moved in. In just over a month, their house has become a lovely home, and last night they had us over for dinner.

Curb appeal! They're on a quiet street with a little peek of the ocean.

The dining room

Janx held captive for a nano-second

Hanging out on the side yard while Grant barbecues

Jasper gives us the side-eye

We loved getting to see their cozy new nest!

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2 Responses to Nice nest!

  1. Chicken Emperor says:

    Very exciting to see a young couple benefit from the retrenchment in the real estate market. It brings back many memories from when the Chicken Lady and I bought a first house, in 1977 that was very similar (but not as nice!) as the one that Grant and Julia pounced on. We wish this young couple many years of enjoyment in their wonderful new “nest”! And I must mention that we also got a walk down memory lane by eating one of Julia’s delicious meals last night (with proper credit to Grant’s excellent BBQing skills). She put a LOT of great meals on our family table during her years with us, for which we remain very grateful.

  2. Julia says:

    Thanks for such a great post! I immediately sent it to my parents, and they were so thrilled. Thanks for being such great SB “parents” and friends. xoxo

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