The 117th day of Christmas

It’s Groundhog Day in red and green. Our tree is still up. The poinsettias are still on the front step. And I am embarrassed to say that the CE’s and my stockings are still hung by the chimney with care – we’ve been too busy taking down wreaths and sweeping up pine needles to open them. We cannot seem to vanquish the jingle-belled monster that Christmas has become. And now, neither can you, because here you are, forced to view the rest of our holiday pix:

Daniel and Taylor on our way to church Christmas Eve afternoon

We went out for Italian afterwards - here are Gail and Taylor awaiting their pasta

Bobby and James: Italian New Yorkers resigned to eating West Coast pasta

PG and Gail on Christmas Eve

James and Thomas hoping Santa notices how very good they are being at this moment!

Thomas got a NASA astronaut suit on Christmas morning

Daniel doesn't know what he got but he's pretty sure he hates it.

Christmas morning: Taylor and the Tart

Merry Christmas!

Viv brought a present for Grandpa

Santa brought Evie a princess pillow

Evie and John are feeling merry



Gail, Tina and PG

Paul drew the short straw assignment this year: unmolding the jello

Jamesy enjoys his Christmas dinner

Gail and Daniel

PG with her gift from Taylor

Sadly, all my photos from the annual graham-cracker-house-building event were lost due to a photo program glitch.  Mea culpa. Blame Picasa. Our only snaps of the event comes from Tina:

But do we have enough candy?

Ta da! Here it is - Hannah and Daniel's prize-winning spaceship and mini-marshmallow astronaut. (image from Tina)

We will absolutely, positively finish de-Christmas-ing this weekend. After all, it’s time to get busy – there are only 352 shopping days until Christmas 2012!

Christmas won't be over until Buster takes off the antlers!

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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4 Responses to The 117th day of Christmas

  1. tdevir says:

    Great pics!! We had such a wonderful time! I am a little surprised the pic of Buster in the antlers didn’t make it on the blog though- haha
    (and i am sending you a pic of Daniel’s spaceship so you can post if you want- it was very cool.)

    Thanks for hosting us to a fabulous Christmas! xo

  2. Chicken Emperor says:

    The pictures do, as usual, tell the whole story. It was a great big, raucous, rambling, chaotic, sprawling whale of a time. Many generations represented, which added to the richness of the holiday fabric. Would not have missed any of it, but now can I please lay down and rest? The Chicken Lady has vaporized all of our credit cards, there are still unopened gifts and the tree resists its inevitable one way trip to the recycle center. We all struggle to remember the true, and only, meaning of this season as being the birth of Jesus Christ; and for this we must ask forgiveness. Nonetheless, I believe the Lord sanctions such celebrations and we must treat it as a gift from Him. A last and final Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!

  3. Buster kind of steals the show, no? THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!

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