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Me or Lena Dunham: A Quiz

Okay. Unless you don’t clicky-click on current culture at all, you know that Lena Dunham is (once again) in the (self-imposed) penalty box for saying/doing/showing things in a politically/culturally/sexually incorrect manner.   Just last week I was mildly wishing for … Continue reading

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More Chicken Love, With a Little Help from My Friends.

I  read an article last December that admonished us all to “rebrand” ourselves for 2015. And, for one fleeting nanosecond, I envisioned myself embarking upon some new, lofty passion and ordering a snappy new wardrobe from Net-a-Porter with which to … Continue reading

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Chickens to the Left of Me, Bobcat on the Right…

…And we’re stuck in the middle again. I love my semi-rural neighborhood. It’s mid-March, and the wisteria and nasturtiums are beginning to show off. The mockingbirds are back in business, singing from pre-dawn until well after twilight, when they finally … Continue reading

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Cold Comfort: The Cure for Chapped Lips

Two and a half weeks in the frozen tundra of  New York City in February will give you a new perspective on the meaning of cold. It will also give you what my stepdaughter, Tina, use to call “owie yips”. … Continue reading

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