Wrap up a chicken for Christmas this year.

One of the perks of writing a chicken blog is that I get to be a magnet for all things poultry. I get chicken-subject-lined emails almost every day, which might not be just everyone’s cup of chicken soup but it makes my world go round.

Yesterday I got one of those emails from Polloplayer correspondent Tina. She sent me a link for an organization called the International Rescue Committee, which serves refugees and war-affected populations. For  just $30, you can donate a flock of chickens to a family struggling to rebuild in a country torn apart by strife or natural disaster. To donate or learn more about the organization, which gets a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, go to http://gifts.rescue.org/product/rebuilding/flock-chickens

The International Rescue Committee was formed in 1933 at the suggestion of Albert Einstein (image from rescue.org)

You can also donate chickens – and goats – through World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization serving children in impoverished countries through individual sponsorship. For $100 you can donate a goat and two chickens, providing desperately-needed nutrition to families on the edge of survival in the poorest areas of the world. To donate livestock, clean water or a micro-loan through World Vision (also rated four stars by Charity Navigator), you can access their gift catalog here: http://donate.worldvision.org/OA_HTML/ibeCZzpHome.jsp?a=b

Melaka and her family in Zimbabwe raise eleven chickens they received through World Vision (image from WorldVision.org)

Heifer International is a third organization that matches families in crisis with livestock to provide food and income. Founded in 1944 by a Church of the Brethern relief worker, Heifer International’s mission is to “end hunger and poverty and care for the earth”. Through their catalog, you can donate a veritable Noah’s Ark of animals: camels, llamas, pigs, rabbits, chickens and even water buffalo: https://secure1.heifer.org/gift-catalog/?msource=kw2792&gclid=CMHy8KLc6awCFewaQgodPmzmIg. Heifer receives three stars from Charity Navigator.

Heifer International's approach helps people obtain a sustainable source of food and income. (image from heifer.org)

One thing I like about these gifting options is that it allows us to make a big difference for, well, pretty much the cost of chicken feed. Yet for the families served by these organizations, a flock of chickens can signify hope, or even survival. Just more proof that all around the world, chickens = happiness.

"Let's just be clear that we are not the chickens being donated, right?"

Happy holidays!

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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7 Responses to Wrap up a chicken for Christmas this year.

  1. jess says:

    Happy holidays to you…I will be stopping by sometime this week, check your email. I have been meaning to send you a link to a National Geographic link to a chicken article from a few months ago, but I seem unable to find it online without subscription. I’ll show you when I see you…xo

  2. These orgs are also helpful in the game of ‘who gave a better christmas gift’ because the answer “a flock of chickens and a COW” can’t be beat. BOO-YA.

  3. Emily says:

    Hello! What great charities! How’s your gang doing? Love the picture of them hanging together. I wanted to see how your Autumn is doing? Is she ok? Casino has been doing ok since her adventures at the vet and here at my house. But a few days ago I caught her jumping into our work van and her and her rooster looking for somewhere for her to nest. Bad sign. But it’s the only time so far. But I decided to “throw fiscal caution to the wind” (borrowing your line) and made an appt for another Lupron shot this week. 😦 I’m hoping one $100+ visit every 3 months or so can keep her healthy and hopping for a long time. How many did you get? How far apart?

    • polloplayer says:

      Hi Emily! So happy to hear that Casino is still clucking! We’ve been giving Autumn shots about once a month or so, pre-emptively. The vet says it’s actually better for the bird’s health to give the shot before there is fluid build-up or infection, so when I see Autumn go sit on the nest as if to lay, I make an appointment for her. I’d say she’s going longer and longer between shots, so that’s a good sign.

      • Emily says:

        I’m so glad Autumn is still doing well. Wow, once a month is alot of shots. I can’t afford that for sure. I can’t even afford what I’m doing now. Maybe I should start fundraising for her care. My vet was saying once a month would be so cost prohibitive I’d have to take donations. Autumn is a lucky girl to have you.

        Well, this was the first time I saw her try to nest so hopefully nothing much has built up yet. I just hope I can catch her tomorrow morning for her appointment. I haven’t been able to touch her since I took her to the vet last back in september.

  4. Katherine says:

    why do i get the sense that my donation won’t be going to $100 a month injections?

  5. Emily says:

    ack! today was a total failure!! Couldn’t catch that wily girl Casino. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow. Should have known what I was going to do that day she jumped in the van and just caught her then. Next time…

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