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What I really want for Christmas: lots of Doxylamine Succinate

I am now on Week Four of the Yuck. That virus that’s been going around and which lingers long, long after its welcome has been outworn. Started with a sore throat, bloomed into a nasty respiratory scourge – plugged ears and nose, … Continue reading

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Wrap up a chicken for Christmas this year.

One of the perks of writing a chicken blog is that I get to be a magnet for all things poultry. I get chicken-subject-lined emails almost every day, which might not be just everyone’s cup of chicken soup but it makes my … Continue reading

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Have Yourself a Chicken Little Christmas…

We were braced for it – fully expected an onslaught of poultry-themed presents, but had no idea that they would be so creative and useful! Polla Amiga started the holiday season off by gifting us with this ornament, which has … Continue reading

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Some Christmas pix and a movie review

A few pix from Christmas Day: Jean, did you send the catnip or did Gail? I’ve blanked on it but the cats thank you – here are Dizzy and Cody stoned out of their minds We all went to see … Continue reading

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?th Annual Graham Cracker House Party

I don’t remember how many years the tradition has been in place, but I think it’s safe to say at least twelve, or even maybe fifteen. It started with our boys and Alexandra getting together with a few packages of … Continue reading

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Christmas music.

Do you have a Christmas CD that you love? Please share! We have at least a dozen CDs, but just as you’re enjoying an ethereal “Mary Did You Know” or a transcendent “Cantique de Noel”, it segues right into  “Jingle … Continue reading

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We officially started bedecking the tree last night. Everyone pitched in first to create a yummy roast beef dinner – so perfect on such a wintry night! The CE did the roast, Victoria and Taylor were in charge of side dishes … Continue reading

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