Family Album: Acting Like Third Graders

Taking a little detour from the Italy travelogue to bring you breaking news from Grandparents’ Day in the OC. So much fun for me and the CE to be with the OC fam and get a peek inside the world of first and third grade. Very good for the soul (if not the lower back) to settle into one of those Lilliputian classroom chairs and see things from Evie and Viv’s perspective.


Grandpa and Viv in first grade. Viv’s mischievous smile is powered by her favorite food group: candy, candy and more candy!

IMG_4908 (1)

Evie’s life in third grade is all about the three G’s: geography, geometry and (especially) gymnastics.


Here we are getting a tour of third grade from an expert.


Tina and Caleigh joined us for lunch after school.

Next to being a proud grandpa, the CE loves taking a turn as commodore of the Duffy boat. We spent an idyllic afternoon with Tina and the girls cruising Newport Harbor and wondering how many times we might need to win the lottery in order to live there.


We were going for hats at charmingly rakish angles, but as usual, we just manage to look ridiculous. And by we, I mean, of course, me.


We picked John up at the dock and rode to dinner in the Duffy. Viv was pretty happy to see her dad:-)

We also spent an evening at home with the family and were treated in turn to a game of charades, a gymnastics performance and some quality time with Miss Caleigh, who is talking up a storm. Two is the new five in her world!


Evie is all ready for Christmas.


Grandpa and Viv



For the grand finale we were treated to a dockside seat to the annual Newport Beach boat parade. Such a special time for us in the OC!


One of the more subtle entires in the boat parade.


And Happy Holidays to you!

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3 Responses to Family Album: Acting Like Third Graders

  1. dizzyguy says:

    A very special time at the school with Viv and Evie. Many creative offerings and evidence of hard work in those classrooms. Thanks girls! And then enters Miss Caleigh Rose to complete the trifecta. Perfect! Enjoyed the wonderful boat parade as well. A couple of them looked as if they needed nuclear power on board to keep all of those lights going; quite a spectacle.

  2. katherine says:

    If you ever win the lottery and move down there, I hope your place has a spare bedroom for me. (I can be “strange great-aunt-Katherine… we don’t really know how she’s related but she insists on tagging along to everything.”)

  3. citymama says:

    how did I miss this post? GORGEOUS photos, Pollo. Love you all.

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