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2018 Reading Recap: books that made my heart beat faster.

I can be made perfectly happy by long books in which almost nothing happens. In general, the longer and the nothinger, the better. After all, there’s quite enough drama in the chicken yard to satisfy my need for suspense. But … Continue reading

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A different kind of travel: the 2018 book list.

Let’s put a bookmark in the river cruise for a bit – time to do the annual reading retrospective.┬áTo make it just a bit less jarring, we’ll start with four books from the 2018 reading list that echoed places we … Continue reading

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It wasn’t on our bucket list, or on any list at all. Yet looking back on our trip, I often revisit that Sunday morning in Engelhartszell as a favorite moment of our river cruise. Here we were, standing with a … Continue reading

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Family Album: Christmas 2018

We’ll get back to the Danube next week, but for now, still basking in what might have been our best Christmas ever. The house and our hearts all bursting at the seams. So great to have all the siblings together: … Continue reading

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An der Donau

A wee glimpse of the Danube was ours as we headed to our coach to depart from Regensburg. This might have been the only photo I got where the Danube looked even nominally blue. We saw lots of green Danube, … Continue reading

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Pack your bags: Prague to Regensburg.

So this was the moment we’d been waiting for: someone else was going to lug around our luggage! I know, I know. How can that even be a deal? You just heft that overstuffed carry-on in and out of the … Continue reading

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Traveling with the herd.

Oh they are smart, these Tauck professionals. They could tell some of us were outliers, the nervous renegades at the edge of the herd, snorting and stomping at the idea of being rounded up. So they gentled us in to … Continue reading

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