Scenes from a Tarty Party.

Today was Soho’s big day. She celebrated her sixth birthday, although actually, this was only her third birthday party. We generally only have a party every other year, but this one was so much fun that we may have to consider a change to that tradition.
Highlights of the day included the arrival of the noble Karma, who set the bar quite high for the dress code by wearing black tie and a regal navy harness. Soho was not to be outdone, however, as she wore (briefly) a fuchsia boa-trimmed tiara. Chloe’s only accessory for the day was a tennis ball, but everyone loved her just the same. That’s the great thing about being a dog.

Lovely food, plenty of drink, the sun came out and Soho reveled in the attention. The cards and gifts were, as ever, over the top. On alternate years, we make a donation to an animal organization to offset the bevy of bling and surfeit of swag Soho receives at her party. Good thing dogs can’t really be spoiled, right?

It may not technically be my party, but basically, every party is my party, so I keep smiling.

The Tart dons her tiara.

Jessica has been in the Tart's life from the day we picked our pup up at LAX.

Cathy (and Kirstie) keep Soho and Chloe looking beautiful.

Katherine and Karma. Please note the black bow tie.

Bernadette gets some love.

Karen, Kirstie and Cathy

Dave and the CE

Annabelle and Mia

Some of the yummy food!

By way of explanation, the biennial event has become known as the “Tarty Party” because Miss Soho, like every proper diva, has a nickname. When she flatters a human by jumping up to sit next to them (yes, we know she’s just trolling for pizzles but we think it’s about us anyway) she does not jump and she does not leap: the only way to describe it is to say she pops. Hence, she is known among her intimates as Miss Pop Tart, which begs shortening to Tarty. There has occasionally been confusion over this moniker, although we won’t name names, will we Bernadette? There are those who have heard it as “Tardy” rather than “Tarty” and since Miss Tart is quite punctual, never late, there are some who interpreted the nickname as meaning, well, that perhaps Soho is not as bright as some of the other dogs on the block. Or in the universe. How such a rumor could get started I cannot imagine. She’s actually quite smart. She just doesn’t want to show off. Don’t let all that fluff between her ears fool you. I’ve caught her reading Proust when no one is looking.

Ellie and the birthday girl/

Soho in her tiara cuddling up to Dave

Jo and John

Teri and Ellie

Just have to include another photo of Karma.

Happy Anniversary, Pam and Kirk!

Victoria and the Tart.

Bernadette and Annabelle

Colleen and Raoul

He is fearless around the chickens!

Michael tries a cupcake

Too many presents! Chadd presided over the gifts.

Chloe and Kirstie

Family photo: Michael, Marie-Christine and Victoria

Dave and Karen

A very tired - but happy- Tart.

Thanks to all you dear people who do not pass judgment over us for having a birthday party for a dog…and for not telling us if you do.

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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2 Responses to Scenes from a Tarty Party.

  1. Katherine says:

    SO much fun! We can’t wait until the chicken’s birthday parties.

  2. vic says:

    i just showed that picture of michael to my mom, she’s laughing. so funny!

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