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Home is Where the Tart Is

It’s been a bumpy week. The funeral, which went as well as it possibly could have. The travel, which, um, did not. First, though, thanks to everyone for the meaningful condolences. From cannoli to cards to so, so many beautiful … Continue reading

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Final Gifts

My father died yesterday. He was 89 years old and lived a full, happy life. We were not especially close; a product of the “Greatest Generation”, he provided faithfully for his family, and considered the little time he had left … Continue reading

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Addendum 46514

Mac/Wordpress/cyberspace gremlins were out in full yesterday, causing the end of my last post to be deleted. So we save the best for last – our visit to the heartland wrapped up with everyone pitching in to make dinner on … Continue reading

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Hoosier Daddy?

Well, it’s my blog and I’ll pun if I want to. We flew eastward last week to visit my father in Indiana, a trip that is now safely in the rearview mirror, tornadoes and lightning and delays, oh my! It … Continue reading

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En Route

The CE and I are currently eating our way to the East coast by way of the Midwest. We’ve never stayed at a bed and breakfast before but given the breakfasts we’re experiencing, there may be more such stays in … Continue reading

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Past is Present.

When was the last time you saw your best friend from childhood? Quick, call them up, plan a reunion! It will be the most fun you’ve had in a long time. If there is data anywhere on the demographics of … Continue reading

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The blur that is life.

Did someone speed up the planet of late? What the hey is going on with not enough hours in the day? I am beginning to be grateful for my accelerating memory loss, as it helps me forget all that I … Continue reading

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We interrupt this blog to bring you more shameless plugs for family members.

I hate to keep moving the chickens off their well-deserved pedestal at the top of this particular food chain (the only one they are ever likely to rule), but family members just keep popping up with blog-worthy achievements. What, you … Continue reading

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