It was absolutely pawsome.

I don’t know if all dogs go to heaven, but some of them most definitely get to live a day in paradise. We toasted Soho’s thirteenth birthday with a celebration that was nothing short of divine, thanks to her many devotées and the amazing Tammy Kronen and her crew (especially John Henry, Claire and the inimitable Oliver…)

Version 2

Some of Soho’s admirers came from across the street, but others traveled from San Francisco and LA with their own pups for the occasion. Ming and Easton brought Marlowe and Emily and Steve brought Roxy. It was so great to have family members here – thanks Taylor and Angie, Thomas and James for making the trip.IMG_4703



And, of course, Granny was here, making friends with Marlowe:


But enough about all of them! Here’s the birthday girl in all her glory:


We celebrated her with Princess Punch and an array of exquisite appetizers, with cream puffs and éclairs for dessert.





Couldn’t have done it without the CE and his one good shoulder, magically turning things around after several years of drought. So great to see the fountain going again!



The flowers were gorgeous – thank you, Kelly Clancy, for finding pink peonies at the last possible moment!


I’ve hardly begun sorting through her presents, but it looks like Soho has toys and treats to last a lifetime. She also received at least one royal birthday card – thanks to family friend and artist Hannah Stevens Allen🙂


FullSizeRender 2

And our friend Pamela won the prize for best Soho-coordinated outfit:


Great fun, great party, and Soho is now settling in and planning her next biennial celebration – if she makes it to fifteen, we will, of course, be obligated to celebrate her Quinceañera!








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1 Response to It was absolutely pawsome.

  1. dizzyguy says:

    Truly a wonderful day, with family, good friends and 7 dogs to liven things up. The event was envisioned by the CCL and wonderfully executed by everyone who helped out. We hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did. All the dogs were definitely into it, and at one point I could swear I heard Soho exclaiming, Paw-tee On!!

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