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Just one last pat on the head.

She’s been gone almost two weeks, but still, I inexplicably expect her to amble down the hall and thrust that magnificent golden head and mane in my face, looking to comfort me and oh, maybe get a nice little scratch … Continue reading

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Yes, she was the family dog. Chloe’s family just happened to include anyone she ever met. Of course, she was loyal first and foremost to her clan. But she loved and was loved by so many others. Friends, friends of … Continue reading

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Goodbye, sweet prince.

He would have had you believe he was a lion king. But he was really just a pussycat. Where, oh where, did the time go? Cody cat, aka Shoo Bear, was just a few days short of his sixteenth birthday … Continue reading

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I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain.

I’m so sorry, but must pause the reading recap, slip a bookmark in it until next week. Because this is a week of grieving in my community, and to the extent that a blog is a sort of ship’s log, … Continue reading

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No Fairytale Ending.

I’ve been – so far – quite lucky in love and in life; my heart remains mostly intact. But one small part of it has been frayed and mended, over and over, so that by now it must be patched … Continue reading

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Coyote. Ugly.

They are everywhere. They are nowhere. I set out on a walk with Chloe off-leash and one appears in front of us, ghostlike, staring us down as if we have no right to be there. Chloe thinks it’s another dog … Continue reading

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Prayers for Paris.

The Italian travelogue will have to wait. Today my heart is so heavy for Paris I can think of nothing else. The Eiffel Tower went dark last night in the city of light, and all the civilized world grieves for … Continue reading

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