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Ups, Downs

It’s been a good week. It’s been a bad week. Like any other week, I guess, but the lows did seem a bit lower than the highs did high. First off, our patient is resting comfortably and more or less … Continue reading

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Back to…normal?

The CE and I are comparing notes…East coast or West coast? At any given moment, would you rather be shivering in New York City or here in Southern California? The weather (58 degrees here; 62 in NYC today) is a toss-up. But … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Tarty Party.

Today was Soho’s big day. She celebrated her sixth birthday, although actually, this was only her third birthday party. We generally only have a party every other year, but this one was so much fun that we may have to consider a change to that tradition. Highlights … Continue reading

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There are No Whos in Whoville.

Attention all thieves, robbers, vermin, low-lying scum of the earth and dog-haters (more on that later…): we don’t exist, and if we did, we would NEVER travel and even if we pretended to, our property is moated, electrified, barb-wired, searchlighted … Continue reading

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Her name is mud.

The storm is passed and the sun has come out, but there are still mud puddles and Soho knows how to find them. This is how she looked after a walk yesterday: Needless to say, the CE bathed her before … Continue reading

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Another Morning in the Kingdom of Chickens.

Gorgeous, crisp, sunny November morning here. When I stepped into the Magic Kingdom, the usual sound of clucking “Where are our treats?!!?” was slightly muffled by the sound of water – our new fountain was delivered yesterday. Plenty of work … Continue reading

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More Improvements.

Lots going on in the Chicken Kingdom these days. The deck is being sealed, and we’ve installed some gravel walkways. Of course, the animals think all this is about them.

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