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iPad+Apple+WordPress=No Blog Post

Get your acts together, oh ye masters of cyberspace! My Mac laptop (which they tout as virus-proof) has a nasty, nasty virus and insists on throwing up page after page of porn pop-ups so vile they cannot be described in … Continue reading

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Oh Appy Day, Dinner Al Frigid and a Cutting Remark.

Thursday was prolotherapy day, so I’m laying low for a bit to recover, but, thanks to my new ipad, I am appily entertained for the duration. I now refer to the addictive Scrabble app as Words with Frenemies —  it’s just a bit … Continue reading

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Greetings from the Arctic!

It’s that time of year again – cold, cold, cold! Wait a second – that would be EVERY time of the year here in coastal southern CA, wouldn’t it? Winter, high temps in the 60’s; summer, high temps in the 60’s. Summer … Continue reading

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