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Evie and Viv in Chickenland

Once upon a time, two beautiful princesses, their mother, the Queen of Let’s-Move-Across-the-Country and their little dog, Buster, traveled from far, far away in Orange County by way of Connecticut to visit the magical Chicken Kingdom. They were a bit surprised when … Continue reading

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The Plot Chickens

I suppose it is some sort of poetic justice that after spending most of my life consuming chickens, it appears I am currently consumed by them. Yes, there have been a few gentle reminders that normal people do not befriend chickens … Continue reading

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Re-wind Pt. 1: the Merry, Merry Month of May NYC

Computer glitches and Nyquil fog have conspired to prevent a timely travelogue update. But here, finally, are some pix from our NYC trip: After lunch, we stopped into the American Folk Art Museum http://www.folkartmuseum.org/ which is a small space with … Continue reading

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Busy taking a bite out of the Apple

Spring in NYC! What a glorious time to be here! As usual, the days are just packed. We’ve been to two plays, both of which have convinced us we have a long way to go before we can consider ourselves … Continue reading

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RX: Stay Busy

Very glad we were in NYC when the news of my father’s death arrived. Taylor was coming up for the weekend and the three other kids plus grandkids are here, so we’ve been blessed with companionship/solace/distraction. Given the circumstances, it’s … Continue reading

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The sun finally came out! We think Tina and her girls must have packed it in their suitcases on their way to visit from Connecticut. They stopped by to see us last weekend and enjoyed one of Victoria’s spectacular dinners: coq … Continue reading

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I may not be a Friend of Mel (especially after yesterday’s post), but you don’t have to be in Hollywood to collect awesome swag these days. Two packages arrived yesterday: one, an Amish-woven egg basket sent by Alexandra. It’s personally … Continue reading

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