Re-wind Pt. 1: the Merry, Merry Month of May NYC

Computer glitches and Nyquil fog have conspired to prevent a timely travelogue update. But here, finally, are some pix from our NYC trip:

Daniel and his friend, Nicole, stopped by our apartment after finishing their last final. They look pretty good for having had no sleep.

Only in New York: the CE was hankering for some deli food, so we stopped into Lansky's on the UWS for giant bowls of matzoh ball soup

After lunch, we stopped into the American Folk Art Museum which is a small space with a big quilt exhibit and an eclectic gift shop. I wasn’t prepared for the sight of the quilt that hangs in the lobby: it is a National Tribute Quilt that bears the names of every person who died in the 9/11 attacks on our country. A very emotional experience, and well worth it, but bring kleenex! Here is a detail from the quilt:

3,466 blocks in six panels, the project was created by the Steel Quilters of United States Steel Corporation.

Separate panels commemorate the passengers on each of the downed flights on 9/11. Here is the block in memory of Todd Beamer, hero of Flight 93. The text echoes his brave last words, "Let's Roll!"

On a cheerier note, we were so lucky to spend Mother’s Day with three of the four kids and all four grandkids. Precious memories!

We had such a wonderful Mother's Day! Ang got a reservation for us all at a kid-friendly place on the UWS called the Arte Cafe - it was perfect for our group! All the little ones were on their best behavior and we had a great time.

John was out of town on business, so Tina had her hands full. The CE was happy to have some Grandpa time.

And my baby boy showed up to make the day extra special!

Taylor couldn't join us but he sent these beautiful flowers!

Bobby and James


A very happy Mother's Day for me

A walk in the park: Evie with her popsicle in Central Park, where we took a walk and rode the carousel after brunch.

One day we took a cab down to Soho for lunch. We walked around the neighborhood afterwards, and stumbled into a MOST unusual shop called Evolution. Their Google hit descriptor reads “framed insects, animal and human skulls”. With apologies to Cindy Adams, I just hafta’ say it: Only in New York, kids!

The skeleton crew is definitely on duty at Evolution

Hydrangeas in the West 60's

PG flew into the city after a trip to visit the Siesta Keysters in Sarasota. She and the CE had a nice meal or twelve, and took in a few shows and the ballet.

PG at La Grenouille, where we had an AMAZING dinner

The. Best. Souffle. Ever. La Grenouille is our new favorite restaurant in NYC.

It was another great visit to NYC, and, as always, we can’t wait to return…hopefully soon!

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3 Responses to Re-wind Pt. 1: the Merry, Merry Month of May NYC

  1. A says:

    You looked so pretty on mothers day. Can’t wAit until you come back!

  2. Katherine says:

    An abundance of beauty – M2, the kids, the girls, the youth that can survive without sleep and still look that good, the flowers (in vase and in the West 60’s)… it just goes on and on!

  3. tdevir says:

    i loved walking thru the park on mother’s day- it was so relaxing and city-like at the same time! come back soon….

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