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Happy to be in NYC

Two weeks in New York are like six months anyplace else. Things move fast here! Especially the temperature – one day it’s squalling wind and in the low 20’s and the next day it’s a balmy 60 degrees. Leave it … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re here in NYC with a front-row seat to the parade. The CE was up bright and early to collect Thomas and James for their annual parade date. We know we’re in good company because Mark Wahlberg is in our … Continue reading

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Hot Time: Summer in the City

We’re back on the Left Coast after our yet again not-long-enough stay in NYC. The highlight of every trip, of course,  is seeing all the kids and grandkids. Seeing them in 100-plus-degree heat is something else entirely…something for me to think about … Continue reading

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Busy taking a bite out of the Apple

Spring in NYC! What a glorious time to be here! As usual, the days are just packed. We’ve been to two plays, both of which have convinced us we have a long way to go before we can consider ourselves … Continue reading

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RX: Stay Busy

Very glad we were in NYC when the news of my father’s death arrived. Taylor was coming up for the weekend and the three other kids plus grandkids are here, so we’ve been blessed with companionship/solace/distraction. Given the circumstances, it’s … Continue reading

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How cute is this?

Just have to share this holiday pic that son-in-law Bobby sent of sweet baby James with their dog, Tiny:

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Heathcliff in the Hamptons

Too bad I’m not a Bronte sister. The weather this week could inspire a novel about wandering the moors calling “Cathy! Cathy!”. Since I’m sadly no Bronte, however, it inspires only a blog post, and we wander not the moors, … Continue reading

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