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Buckets and buckets and buckets!

Just when it seems your prayers are never heard, the skies just open up and the benisons pour out. Yesterday it was a torrent, a deluge of blessings to soothe our long California drought. It rained. Oh how it rained! … Continue reading

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Taking a Shine to the Rain.

So many things I used to take for granted, among them, sanity, a waistline and rainfall.  The first two appear to have departed for good, but glory be, it rained last night! I know exactly when it started, because at … Continue reading

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Snap out of it!

Truth be told, I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts of late. Thanks to the French, there’s a perfect word for it: malaise (come to think of it, thanks to the French we have some perfect words for almost everything) … Continue reading

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Cold and Hungry.

BRRRR! I know it’s rude and inconsiderate to complain about the cold when a record-breaking blizzard is pelting other parts of the country, but baby it’s cold outside! Winter is a subtle proposition when it’s not defined by wind chill. … Continue reading

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“Blue Monday”.

Personally, I’m feeling just a squeak better today – head feels like it weighs only 50 lbs instead of 100, but according to a report from FirstCare, a firm that studies absenteeism, today is officially the “most miserable day of the year”. … Continue reading

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