Cold and Hungry.

BRRRR! I know it’s rude and inconsiderate to complain about the cold when a record-breaking blizzard is pelting other parts of the country, but baby it’s cold outside!

Winter is a subtle proposition when it’s not defined by wind chill. We get rain instead of snow, and plenty of it so far this season!

Remember Power Rangers? Here's Amelia, the Puddle Ranger.

The chickens have complained mightily. They have no idea how much worse it could be:

Two of these are Light Brahmas just like Amelia

I don’t know about you, but I never knew that chickens were cold-hardy. Some more so than others, but in general, those feather coats are apparently just as good as fur. However, there is a limit: I found this post on the GardenWeb Farm Forum and wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry:

“At times in the past we have had the roosters get a little frostbite. It never seemed to bother them much. Only once on a fancy cochin we had did it get hurt. I actually found it one morning hanging upside down froze in a tree. We had a nasty ice storm that night. I brought it in and wrapped it in a towel while I sat next to the stove and it came back to life. It was the weirdest thing I ever saw. It was stiff as a frozen chicken when I brought it in. It lived for years with no ill effects after that. I guess it’s all in what they get used to whether you leave them out or not.”

And all this time, I thought this was what "frozen chicken" meant...

Another sign of winter at our house is gauged by the scale. Winter weight gain is a real phenomena (here’s an article on how to avoid it at but some of us are struggling with more than the usual one-to-two extra pounds. I know we aren’t supposed to name names here, but to protect the innocent, I’m going to let it slip that at a recent vet visit, Chloe tipped the scales at (gasp!) 104 lbs.

Could we please just not talk about it?

And she’s not the only one dealing with winter spread:

"Don't listen to her. I'm all muscle under the fur"

 Too many people in the house giving too many treats too many times a day. So new restrictions have been imposed and with any luck, Chloe will be our next “biggest loser”.

Does this mean no more pizzles?

While the rest of us are trying to keep warm, a certain bantam chicken named Taco Belle has figured out how to brave winter in style. According to her owner, who posted this photo on, Taco Belle is a “house chicken” who understands the true meaning of hearth and home:

A whole new take on "roast chicken"

 Hope you all stay warm on this wintry day!

These magnolias are the only thing blooming in our yard, but they're a reminder that spring is just around the corner!

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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7 Responses to Cold and Hungry.

  1. ArchDuke of Shooville says:

    Winter does come with some advantages for the birds. For example, worms are driven to the surface by heavy rains, providing a juicy feast for the opportunistic pollos. However, most of us are looking toward a springtime where we can spread our tailfeathers, look to the sun and proclaim once again that, truly, life is good!

  2. Jean Gutsche says:

    So, so funny!!! Thank you for the laughs!!! There was an article in our local newspaper about kids reviving lizards with hairdryers…kind of like the guy with the frozen chicken.

  3. jess says:

    Chlobear!! Well she still looks adorable in these pictures, anyhow. And I agree with the ArchDuke; I had to dig around in the wet mud in my garden for something yesterday and found so many worms and grubs I thought of putting them in a box to bring over to the ladies at your place!

  4. Katherine says:

    Karma is having the winter-spread as well. And he’s NOT amused by his diet. The other day, while we were out, he took a bag of dehydrated dog food, tore it open, and scattered the contents all over the den. Looked like a snow storm had hit when we returned. First naughty thing he’s done in 10 years. But he swears he’s starving and wasting away. The vet disagrees… But then again, does the vet snuggle me and race to greet me when I get home? Perhaps I should rethink this whole thing…

  5. pollo amiga says:

    That is one sad face on Chloe. Those eyes…

  6. citymama says:

    Rain isn’t much better than a massive snowstorm, so I feel your pain.
    Dog-Named-After-Something-Small is suffering from the Freshman 15, too. Gained 3 lbs since the Summer. But my vet is in love with Tines, (calls him sweetie pie, monkey, baby boy) and said “he’s just hibernating for the Winter.” I KNEW I liked her!!!! Off to find some Mallowmars…
    BTW, if you can look into THAT face and NOT give her a treat, you have willpower that should be bottled and sold.

  7. Katherine says:

    I guess we’re not going to make a fortune on Karma’s diet-plan. Went today for his weigh-in and he’s GAINED weight. HA!

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