I cannot tell a lie.


George W (the original) and his cherry tree (from icecreamjournal.turkeyhill.com)


President’s Day, which has sneakily morphed into President’s-week-off in recent years, turned into a nice excuse for us to fly the coop. I had planned to slap up some test-pattern pix of Hope, Amelia and Autumn just to make everyone think we were chez poulet per usual, but since we’ll be back ANY MINUTE, I decided it was safe to spill – we’ve had a wonderful wintry week in NYC. And I’m afraid it’s going to take multiple posts to document all the fun we’ve had, so there may be some bonus posts this week.

First and foremost, IT SNOWED! Big, wet, slobbery flakes and lots of them!



"Why can't I grow up in California like Mom did?"


And, speaking of big, wet and slobbery, we checked one off the “bucket list”, attended the 134th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and fulfilled my dream of seeing forty of the country’s winningest Golden Retrievers. So much fun!

Just a few of the gorgeous Goldens vying for "Best in Breed"


Just like a Golden - they'll do anything for a snack!


I think Chloe looks just as good as the competition!


The family took in Day 1 of the event – they got to see the Dalmations and the Pulis, one of which made it to the finals.

The gang at Madison Square Garden


Last night in NYC - Alexandra heads to the sunny West Coast


 And we were fortunate to catch up with Alexandra on her last night in the big city. She is on to better and warmer adventures back in California. She joined us for dinner and the judging of the Toy and Herding group at the dog show.

The best Westminster moment, however, came after the show, when son-in-law Bobby, toiling away down on Wall Street, stepped out of his office for lunch and ran right into Best of Show Sadie, the Scottish Terrier, and her handler. As Bobby said, only in New York!

Sadie the famous Scottish Terrier - in the flesh...or fur, as it were.


That’s all for now, but much, much more to report. We’ve more or less settled into our apartment here and we’re looking forward to many more trips to our adopted city soon!

Enjoying the view from our apartment


View from our apartment at dusk


And just in case someone is thinking about stealing the silver before we get home, don’t bother – we don’t own any!

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2 Responses to I cannot tell a lie.

  1. Katherine says:

    Good idea not letting me know about your WDS plans – I would have stowed away in your luggage with Ch–e who would have easily won her group (even with her Freshman Five.)

    So fun! And it looks so beautiful.

    And Sadie’s handler really has a way with purple. Quite the dapper ensemble. And yet I can’t quite picture the CE wearing it.

  2. citymama says:

    What a fun trip! We had such a good time with you guys. Looking forward to our next relaxing meal whilst James hurls croissants across the room…
    I turned my back this AM for a split second only to discover him dumping out pancake mix on the floor…

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