In a New York minutiae

It’s been a whoosh of a week. Somehow, NYC manages to be a time compression chamber – seems we just arrived and now it’s time to go. Accidental New Yorkers that we are, I think it’s agreeing with us – we can’t wait to come back.  We worked on settling in to the apartment, spent lots of time with family and even made some new friends while we were here. Still, our checklist just expands – in New York, the list of to-do and to-see only gets longer. 

We met Daniel for breakfast one morning before he went to class.

And we had a fun lunch at Jean-Georges with John and Tina

The amazing Marjorie!

So much for remaining anonymous...

Karen stopped by to visit

We had a civilized ladies' champagne gathering.

A somewhat less civilized gym class

Out and about in the city

How chickens are done in NYC: a display at Barneys

Amber and Tymon came up to see our apartment

We had a farewell family brunch at the Mandarin Oriental - they weren't sorry to see us go

Don't let that calm exterior fool you. Right, Ang?

Things definitely got a bit wild...

These two weren't sorry to leave the trashed table behind.

Had a great week. Can’t wait to come back! Heading for the airport. See you all later!

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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2 Responses to In a New York minutiae

  1. Katherine says:

    It sounds as though you guys really know how to party!

  2. Urban, but not urbane CE says:

    It certainly was a great time in the City. I think even the chickens might look the other way if we should need NYC stimulation once in awhile. However, upon return, they have suggested, through counsel, that it would only be fair and reasonable for the scratch (chicken crack) rations to be doubled for the same time duration as the period of abuse (length of owners’ time away from their duties). The Chicken Lady and I have promised to take their proposal under advisement.

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