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Bawk Bawk…HAWK!

It’s summertime, and the living is queasy because of those relentless raptors in the sky, the red-tailed and red-shouldered hawks. I used to step outside on a summer morning and revel in the tranquility of our semi-rural neighborhood. You might hear … Continue reading

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It must be a global conspiracy. Someone out there has hatched (so to speak) a plan to spill every detail of our chickens’ whereabouts to every predator for miles around. First it was the neighbor’s Australian Shepherd puppy. Cute as she … Continue reading

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Love is in the air.

Stopped by the feed store this afternoon, where a solitary employee stood at the doorway, leaning on a broom, squinting upwards at the sky. I turned to see what he was looking at and saw a couple of red-tailed hawks in … Continue reading

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