“Blue Monday”.

Personally, I’m feeling just a squeak better today – head feels like it weighs only 50 lbs instead of 100, but according to a report from FirstCare, a firm that studies absenteeism, today is officially the “most miserable day of the year”. ‘Blue Monday has been described as the most depressive day of the year with absence rates expected to be higher.

This is how Hope looks today.

The combination of cold, dreary weather and post-holiday letdown – both emotional and financial – makes today the “most depressive day of the year with absence rates expected to be higher.”

The chickens are definitely experiencing Blue Monday. No absentees – after losing Lily, I do several head-counts daily – but the girls are very, very unhappy with the rain. They thought they wanted to free-range this morning but when I let them out of their covered pen (great foresight, CE!) they shivered their feathers and begged me to turn off the waterworks. Hope was especially vocal. You might say she’s as mad as a wet hen…

A possible three inches of rain is predicted for today. Stay dry!

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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1 Response to “Blue Monday”.

  1. Makenzie says:

    Hi M2 . Sorry you are feeling a bit down.Want to make Blue Monday dark, dark blue? Try adding Chemo to the list of causes.

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