“Every day is an adventure”

That’s the logo for the company that sponsors the whale-watching cruise we went on this morning. Not too many whales, but lots of adventure, as in heave, pitch and roll of the boat. The emphasis, for me, at least was on heave, as in heaving breakfast over the side of the boat.

The kids went on a smaller boat the other day and a few of them got sick – they said it was actually worse today on our catamaran than on the small boat. They tried to go to sleep in the cabin while I tried to keep my eyes on the horizon in the back of the boat.

The CE, of course, was just fine.

I was too ill to take in the information, but one of the deck hands said the Hawaiians have a particular name for the kind of wind that causes the extreme pitching of the boat we experienced today. I don’t know the word, but she said it translates to “the gods are laughing at us”. Maybe someone was laughing, but it wasn’t me. Turns out that even this place isn’t Paradise when you’re puking.

We saw a few whales in the distance, but most of them stayed underwater like this one

On a not-altogether-less-sickening subject, we went out for sushi last night. Taylor ordered octupus – you could see the tentacles from across the table!

Yummy tentacles!

Happy sushi eaters

And so ends another day in this beautiful place. Aloha!

Today's sunset as seen from our balcony

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