Hacked by a Russian!

Regret to inform you the reading recap has been temporarily interrupted by a Russian invasion:


It’s been all cat-caphony here since he arrived. His arrival to us, from Seattle to Ontario, CA, to us was quite a caper, but nothing compared to the miles his father, Tiffanikiss Totosha of Rain City Silvers racked up traveling from Russia to the U.S.

Still, this little guy’s journey is one for the books. We learned that breeder Anne-Marie Burrell would be flying to CA from Seattle and was willing to bring him along, but it would be the same day we were flying to San Francisco. Oh no!

Our friend, Tammy, took one look at this guy’s baby photos and decided it had to happen. She called her friend, Hannah, who, with her sister riding shotgun, made the drive from LA to pick up the baby in Ontario and then deliver him to Santa Barbara.


Our intrepid friend and house sitter, Christi, stepped right up and said she would be only too happy to deal with a coop full of hens, our dog, Lily, brand new rescue cat, The Countess, and the arrival of a baby kitten.

Here’s the crew that made it happen!


Thanks so much, all!

Christi put in a LONG week while we were away, keeping the cats separate but equal and attending to Lily, who, oh by the way, had gone into heat. Did I mention Christi is a house sitter par excellence? We arrived home just in time to discover that our sweet, teeny tiny kitten had come up with some big ideas. Mostly in regard to open borders vs building the wall. He must be KGB.

The Countess has gone from being um are you kidding me? to horrified, to displaying an ever so mild interest. We are hopeful of detente – who needs another Cold War?


Lily just desperately wants to play with this little fluff ball:


So far, it has the makings of one big happy animal family:

IMG_0859 2

As for the humans, we are (happily) EXHAUSTED. “When does he slow down?”, I asked Anne-Marie about the purring tornado that has taken over our lives. “I guess I should have warned you,” she responded. “This unit does not come with an off button!!”

As a nod to his Russian heritage we’ve been thinking of calling him Mischa, although after the last chaotic 24 hours, we might go with Rasputin, instead.


And no, there will be no further cat-quisitions. One Countess and a Russian Revolution is quite enough for us, thank you very much!


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10 Responses to Hacked by a Russian!

  1. Katherine says:

    AMAZING! This is the best blog post ever. How ever are you Putin up with all the shenanigans (I had to get one in myself.)

  2. Jean Gutsche says:

    Those cats are so cute they look fake!!!

  3. Cat says:

    Oh the photos are truly amazing!!! You have made such strides bringing them altogether. I will correct my spelling if his name.Mischa❤️

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Dad4Gracie says:

    The cat photos are as cute as they can be, but your photos of Lily always make me smile! She is such a good girl!

  5. Jessica says:

    So cute!!!!! What about Vronsky? Remember when you wanted to call Baby that? Can’t wait to see more pics.

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