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Nor sleet nor snow nor’easter…

…can keep us from having a fantastic time in NYC. Weather or not, we had way big fun in the city this trip. We were there for not one, but two nor’easters. Flew out just a few hours ahead of … Continue reading

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Joie De Livre.

What is your idea of perfect happiness in life? For me, the ultimate joie de vivre would be to be surrounded at all times by great books – and get paid for it. A state of perfect joy in books … Continue reading

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September NYC: Friends and Family

Some visits are all about the culture; some (well, pretty much all) are about the food. This trip focused on the people we love in and around NYC. We’ve been lucky to have both of our boys in the city. … Continue reading

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Collecting Friends

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who collect and those who do not. The only thing I seem to collect is dust. Well, dust and infirmities. If left to my own devices, I would probably collect … Continue reading

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Pasadena Weekend, Part Two: International Antiquarian Book Fair

Many California towns are strung by similar threads. There are your California beach towns and there is the undistinguished blending of the San Fernando Valley communities that spawned Valleyspeak. But Pasadena is different.  You’ll see street after manicured street of lovingly … Continue reading

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