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A Golden Opportunity

Just in case you aren’t awake all night click-click-clicking on the Internet like I am, you may have missed a recent and most welcome addition to the viral pantheon: Bob, the Golden Retriever. I used to think Chloe had the … Continue reading

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He was five ounces of bravado, perched on my shoulder. He would have celebrated his 17th birthday (bird-day?) this year. He loved humans, parties and wine. Red or white. Champagne, too. Wouldn’t touch hard liquor, though. He had his limits. … Continue reading

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Life is but a dream house: Villa Kerylos in Beaulieu sur Mer

The travelogue lives on – for at least another post or two! On a morning’s whim, we drove from our hotel to the neighboring village of Beaulieu-sur-Mer just to see what we could see, and happened upon one of our favorite trip … Continue reading

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It’s beginning to look a lot like…YIKES, I’m not ready!

Note to self and anyone else who might be listening: not such a great idea to go gallavanting around the country until halfway through the Advent season…I mean, it’s not like elves show up and do all the work for … Continue reading

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“Grandpa, do you live in a zoo?”

Hurricane Thomas and Hurricane James spun through last week along with their parents and their dog, Tiny. Thomas tallied up all the animals he saw and seemed to compare it favorably with the Central Park Zoo. Thomas was quite the helper … Continue reading

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Chickens Are For The Birds!

Psssst – hey, it’s me, Birdie. Listen – enough with this fuss over chickens! I gotta tell you, I’ve had it up to my beak with this focus on those bags of feathers! All I hear is chickens, chickens, chickens. So … Continue reading

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Bird, meet Bird.

The chicks did great overnight – all appeared well-rested and peepy this morning, but they’ll probably have bad dreams after we made introductions this morning.  They immediately huddled in a corner to ponder the threat.

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