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The wrongs of spring.

It’s a jungle out there. We know the rites of spring as rebirth and Disney-esque time-lapse photos of flowers blooming and birdsong and tall grass in meadows, but truthfully, there is a violence to this season AND DON’T LOOK AT … Continue reading

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He was five ounces of bravado, perched on my shoulder. He would have celebrated his 17th birthday (bird-day?) this year. He loved humans, parties and wine. Red or white. Champagne, too. Wouldn’t touch hard liquor, though. He had his limits. … Continue reading

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Taking a Shine to the Rain.

So many things I used to take for granted, among them, sanity, a waistline and rainfall. ┬áThe first two appear to have departed for good, but glory be, it rained last night! I know exactly when it started, because at … Continue reading

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Year of the Crow

So here we are, beginning of March. Right around the time that all those perkily-made New Year’s resolutions crash in shards at our feet. Right? I am a master of magical thinking. I begin every shiny new January 1 in … Continue reading

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Our hoaloha hulu.

Everything about Hawaii – well, except maybe for the prices – seems gentle. Especially the language, where at some point in history they took most of the consonants and apparently packed them off to Germany. The Hawaiian word for bird … Continue reading

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