Family, Friends, Blessings.

I’ve entered a state of perpetual amazement.

Amazed, first, in retrospect at how strangely easy it was to adjust to a year of life lived in shadows, adopting as my mantra the Marcus Aurelius quote “Very little is needed to make a happy life”.

And then, the amazement of suddenly emerging from those shadows into the bright sunshine – I feel like Dorothy landing in Oz, where everything changes from sepia-tones to technicolor.

It has most certainly been a technicolor week. “Very little needed” morphed right into “Party on!”

First and best, we were blessed to attend Caleigh’s First Communion. Such a precious day!

Caleigh and her proud dad:

So special to be there!

Caleigh and Tina at the celebration lunch:

The Newport Beach weatherman didn’t get the memo that we wanted a perfect weekend but that didn’t stop us from heading down to the dock to enjoy the CE’s favorite Newport activity – an epic ride in the Duffy:

Next day the weather was even worse but the sun came out when the gang all showed up to surprise me with an early birthday party. So fun! Thank you, Tina and Angie!

We headed home to greet our latest visitor – Gail picked the perfect time to visit Phyllis – it’s actually SNOWING this week in Montana!

Meanwhile, the birthday revelry continues: there was the most fabulous lunch with dear friends Pamela and Tammy:

We didn’t eat dessert first but we all agreed that we need to do this more often – I don’t remember going to lunch ever being this magical in the old days.

And then, more magic last night. So many dear, lovely ladies gathered to celebrate. It really is a wonderment to be with friends in much happier times. Such a joy to be together and be so carefree.

I am amazed. I am grateful. And I’m promising myself to never take anything for granted again. Out of the shadows and into the sun. Happy Everything, indeed. Party on!

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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  1. dizzyguy says:

    Happy Everything indeed!

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