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A Very Chicken Christmas

It just occurred to me that you can pretty well read what people think of you by the gifts they choose. All this time I was going for sophisticated aesthete, but it turns out that nope, what comes to mind … Continue reading

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Making the Season Bright.

Here we are at the end of the first week in Advent. Lots of bustle in the preparation department – shopping, decorating, planning. Probably not enough bustle in the spiritual department. To help with that, I just downloaded an iPhone … Continue reading

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One less chicken; life goes on.

I was in LA one night recently and took Victoria out for a belated birthday dinner. Have you ever been to Mastro’s? It is probably not on Weight Watcher’s preferred list of restaurants, if they even have such a thing. Mastro’s … Continue reading

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Back Home with my Peeps.

We’re happy to be back in California. Since we had an early start on travel day, it was still daylight when our commuter flight glided up the coast and after an apparent sprinkling of rain, the Santa Ynez mountains stood soft … Continue reading

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Egg-citement on the home front!

The little chickens are all grown up: Coco laid her first egg today! My first clue that she might be close to laying was the “squat”. A mature hen will squat down when you approach, most likely ingrained behavior that demonstrates … Continue reading

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Name that chick!

Drum roll please! Here is the highly anticipated chick-naming poll! There was a highly un-scientific winnowing of the name submissions from Saturday by a panel of, um, dare I call them judges? If your submission did not make the cut, you … Continue reading

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