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Evie and Viv in Chickenland

Once upon a time, two beautiful princesses, their mother, the Queen of Let’s-Move-Across-the-Country and their little dog, Buster, traveled from far, far away in Orange County by way of Connecticut to visit the magical Chicken Kingdom. They were a bit surprised when … Continue reading

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Chickens Not-So-Little

News flash from the coop: Hope is OVER IT – motherhood is apparently not all it’s cracked up to be once they become teenagers. (Oh, reeeaaaalllyyy? What a surprise!) She makes a beeline out of the coop in the morning … Continue reading

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See how they’ve grown!

Just a quick update on the chicks. They are a month old and SO BIG! I don’t get to handle them very much since Hope calls the shots and doesn’t like them to leave her side. Most of them are … Continue reading

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It’s a bird-eat-bird world

The CE and I were having lunch downtown the other day when three aging hippies singing “Imagine” and carrying a “War Is Not The Answer” banner walked past. I wish I’d gotten a phone number because I would like to hire them … Continue reading

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Hey, what’s that cute chick’s name?

The ballots are in, and after much deliberation, the little ones have officially been named. The powers that be (more or less) followed the voter’s wishes, with a few deviations here and there: some voter irregularities, a few behind-the-scenes manipulations – hey, … Continue reading

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The chicks are growing so fast! Since Hope is raising them, I haven’t really gotten close enough to take individual pictures of them, so the CE and I endeavored to “borrow” the babies for a photo shoot this morning. This … Continue reading

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Name that chick!

Drum roll please! Here is the highly anticipated chick-naming poll! There was a highly un-scientific winnowing of the name submissions from Saturday by a panel of, um, dare I call them judges? If your submission did not make the cut, you … Continue reading

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