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A Hui Hou, Happy Birthday, and Bawk Bawk Bawk

It is not easy to leave Hawaii. I’m not saying I want to live there, because living there would imply going to the grocery store, making the obligatory run to Costco and doing battle with bugs the size of a … Continue reading

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Yes, we have some cabanas.

Take my word for it – it’s nothing but work, work, work here in these Hawaiian isles. For instance, the CE is up at dawn every day to snag prime beach chairs for us. Then there’s the walk – there’s … Continue reading

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Goodnight Irene; Aloha, Maui!

Smoothest Hawaii trip ever for the CE and me  – until we arrived and learned that Hurricane Irene would be knocking on East Coasters’ doors over the weekend. Taylor, who hasn’t had a vacation in a long, long time, was … Continue reading

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Re-wind Pt 2: Merry Merry Month of May WDC

If I ever start to feeling overconfident about my grasp of the Apple Grande, a trip to Penn Station is  sure to inspire humility. Challenge number one is getting inside. Someone had the bright idea of co-mingling a behemoth underground urban transportation … Continue reading

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RX: Stay Busy

Very glad we were in NYC when the news of my father’s death arrived. Taylor was coming up for the weekend and the three other kids plus grandkids are here, so we’ve been blessed with companionship/solace/distraction. Given the circumstances, it’s … Continue reading

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Happy happy!

Yes, it’s the dead of winter, the East coast is buried beneath snow, Egypt is erupting in worrisome unrest and that pesky hawk continues to swirl overhead in hopes of a taste of chicken tartare. But for the moment, let’s put … Continue reading

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NYC: “A Place Apart”

The quote is from Pearl Buck. (Look her up youngsters…) She said “As for New York City, it is a place apart. There is not its match in any other country in the world.” True dat. This was one of … Continue reading

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