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A Last Look at Rome

It’s hard to let go of Rome. I have such  a jumble of memories: first, the incomprehensible scale of the place and its art – St. Peter’s! The Colosseum! Bernini! The Baths of Caracalla! Then there are the more prosaic … Continue reading

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Dining in Rome: Antipasti…Primi…Secondi…Nap!

You can’t walk a hundred feet in Rome without being accosted by a plate of pasta (or a selfie-stick salesman, but that’s another story). There are enotecas, trattorias and ristorantes at every turn. I think we ate at all of … Continue reading

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The Delights of The Galleria Borghese

What I know about art could fit on the head of a teeny tiny pin. If you had mentioned Bernini to me before last week I might have thought you were offering me a cocktail. Okay, maybe I’d heard of … Continue reading

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We Came, We Saw, We Conquered a Plate of Tagliatelle.

We’ve only been in Rome for twenty-four hours, but yes, we’ve already managed to scarf a plate or two of pasta. Julius Caesar would approve! We arrived on a picture-perfect fall day, which almost made up for the jet lag. … Continue reading

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