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All eggs are not created equal.

New York magazine never ceases to amaze me. Their Approval Matrix is practically the eighth wonder of the world. Their Restaurant Guide is an impeccable resource. And this week they’ve outdone themselves. Yes, their sure-to-provoke article on NYC neighborhoods is a … Continue reading

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The chicks are starting to look more like pullets (per http://www.dictionary.com, a pullet is a young hen, less than one year old.)  Hope is even beginning to show signs of developing a comb. Just as there are many breeds of chickens, … Continue reading

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Dust up.

I heard that blissing-out sound again yesterday afternoon, and, sure enough, when I went in to check, there was Amelia in the “bath tub”. Or trying to be. Seems that dust envy set in with the others, and Hope, Lily … Continue reading

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Felt like spring today.

Enough of this June gloom! Like the rest of us, the girls enjoyed a day of sun. We brought them out to the run for a half an hour or so during which they vigorously pecked at everything they could … Continue reading

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