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Go ask your mom.

What is Mother’s Day without the brunch? How do we even begin to do this? Of all the family traditions I can think of, torturing your children by making them dress up in the middle of the day and spend … Continue reading

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xoxo moms.

It is the hardest job in the world. It is the BEST job in the world. Soaring joy and sometimes crushing heartbreak, theirs or yours,  and long after they are raised and gone you are still on your knees either … Continue reading

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Call Your Mom.

In the Inspiring Dread category, Mothers Day is second only to Valentine’s Day. So many ways for it to go wrong! And yet, so easy to make it go right: just call your mom! If she is anything short of … Continue reading

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May in NYC: In and around the Park

When we were last here in March, the trees were still bare.  But when we awoke and opened the drapes our first morning here this trip,  we were greeted by the lush, green canopy that is the spring/summer fashion in … Continue reading

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On Mothers Day: Thoughts from a Real Mama Hen

In honor of Mothers Day, today we have an exclusive interview with Hope, a single mother of five adopted daughters. Interviewer: Hope, thanks for joining us today. We understand you took on a real labor of love by adopting five … Continue reading

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The Second Sunday in May.

Enjoyed a very fine Mother’s Day this year. Nearly all the family gathered (we missed you, Tay Tay!) for a genteel and civilized breakfast (what, you don’t think it’s normal for four-year-olds to turn cartwheels in restaurants?) at New York’s Mandarin … Continue reading

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