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Why Katherine is Always First to Comment

Some of you have wondered: who is Katherine and how does she manage to be the Queen of Comments on this lowly chicken blog. This explains it all: P.S. Comments are good! More of you should try it!

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So much to celebrate!

Alexandra may be the only person who can claim her birthday was upstaged by chickens. Her birthday was last week and we celebrated with a lovely lunch: Alexandra drove south to celebrate her birthday with a hot-air balloon ride, but … Continue reading

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Re-wind Pt 3 of 3: They say it’s your birthday!

Just a run-of-the-mill birthday, or so I thought. As they stack up, they seem less like a collection and more like, well, old age, I guess. I was planning to be happy with the gift of tyrannical tv remote appropriation (anyone up … Continue reading

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Animal Planet

Readers have come to my rescue in the absence of my camera (which was duly returned and is now charging up to record this weekend’s activities). From my father in Indiana, a link to a news story in that bastion … Continue reading

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Here a chick, there a chick…

Seems it’s been womens’ week here at the Chez Poulet chicken ranch: The CE’s sister, Gail, stopped through town for a few days and was introduced to the ladies: Alexandra’s friend, Maurna, visited and enjoyed a fresh-laid breakfast: Alexandra’s cousin, Claire, … Continue reading

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It’s the weekend again already?

Sorry, I had to break the rules. It’s Katherine’s fault – she sent me the following – not sure of the source unless, possibly, she, Dan and Karma created this little art installation themselves. Very funny!

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At table.

Now that visions of chicken tongues have whetted your appetite, it’s time to check in with a few more “who I’d have to dinner” lists.  Friend Katherine, my stepdaughter, Angela, and her husband, Bobby, weighed in with the following: Katherine’s … Continue reading

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Good Karma.

The chickens were left behind when Chloe and Soho (aka Chloho, as they’ve been dubbed by young friend Chadd) were invited to lunch yesterday. The CE and I tagged along, thus getting to meet a charming and  lovely couple and their noble … Continue reading

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