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Dispatches from the fog zone.

At first I couldn’t place the sound – what was that humming I heard? I walked down the hall to better hear it – ah, yes, it was the furnace kicking in. The heat had come on. Of course. Because … Continue reading

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May Gray; Feeling those Jacaranda Blues.

Every year I come up with a new scheme to decamp from Southern California during the season we affectionately call June Gloom. The bowl of the sky turns over and spills over us with layers and layers of pearlish, milky … Continue reading

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I probably need to invest in one of those plastic squeegee things people back East use to scrape off their windshields in winter. I’ll need it to remove the ice from my computer screen, as, in addition to fog and … Continue reading

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Weather. Or not.

We supposedly enjoy one of the country’s great climates. I mention this fact often, especially in the summer, when I start and end the day in my warmest wool sweaters. I looked at a weather map of the country last … Continue reading

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Nice rice

Awoke this morning to leaden skies. Yet again the gossamer tentacles of June gloom have reached into August and I would just like to petition the Czar of the Office of Climate Change (it’s my tax dollars, too, you know!) to … Continue reading

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So, where were we?

Technical difficulties. No web cam. No Internet. Why worry about North Korea when our more immediate fates are in the hands of diabolical IT techs who can muck up your digital world in a heartbeat and then CHARGE you for it. … Continue reading

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Here’s Hope at three weeks old. It’s getting harder and harder to take their pictures – they move so fast!!!! We’ve been fogged in here all week; no sun until quite late in the afternoons, so the chicks aren’t getting … Continue reading

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