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Saturday blues.

I’m giving you the day off from chickens. Not, mind you, because they are any less fascinating than they were last week or the week before or the week before that… Just giving it a pause. And maybe because yesterday … Continue reading

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Up with the Chickens.

Sometimes it just seems like the days blur together. And other times they actually blur together, as in yesterday and today, which were linked, in my world, by only two hours of sleep. Instead of a visit from the  Sandman, … Continue reading

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Good Morning, Maui.

I am so talented I’m capable of insomnia in any language. Including Hawaiian, which, interestingly, does not seem to have a word for insomnia. This might be because everyone in Hawaii knows how to hang loose and sleep. Everyone but … Continue reading

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The Insomniac’s Dilemma.

Not to be arrogant, but I am really racking up the accomplishments these days. In addition to my finely-honed skills at not remembering, I am entering Olympic-caliber territory in not sleeping. My new pattern: go to bed at 11 pm, … Continue reading

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Wake-up Call

So there I was, having my usual night’s “rest”. Meaning that I sleep for two or three hours and then I’m up for most of the rest of the night, catching another hour or so of naptime around dawn. What do I do … Continue reading

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The Insomniac’s Bookshelf: How I read my way through 2011 in the dark

Every night is a new adventure when you can’t sleep. Usually I fall asleep easily and then wake up a few hours later and finally fall back to sleep by dawn’s early light. Yeah, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get me … Continue reading

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Lying awake in Paris.

Bonjour Mssrs. and Mmes.! Or Bonsoir! Either way, I’m awake, since I’ve slept a total of 2.5 hours of the last twenty-four. And only a few hours in the previous forty-eight. Other people sleep at night. I nap and then … Continue reading

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Who let the dogs out?

On the front end of what is forecasted to be a five-day rainstorm. The rain commenced around 2 am last night. I know this because I was awake at 2 am. And 3 am, 4 am and 5 am. All … Continue reading

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“Once Upon A Midnight Dreary…”

I have lately been perfecting the art of insomnia. Like a very long list of other things I miss about being young (intact memory, unwrinkled skin, etc. etc.), a seamless eight or nine hours of sleep at a stretch is a … Continue reading

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