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There’s a storm coming.

All our thoughts are with Florida today, as Irma plows forward with the Keys in her crosshairs. I’m so grateful that folks there have their priorities straight – shelter, safety, and chickens. Hundreds of feral chickens roam the streets of … Continue reading

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Florida Road Trip, Part 4: The Key to the Keys

I guess we could have had lunch at Robbie’s Marina Hungry Tarpon restaurant, but there was something about its location just yards away from the bait buckets we hoisted to feed the tarpon that said no, no, no to me. … Continue reading

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Florida Road Trip, Part 3: Islamorada

The CE and I love to take road trips together. I organize the travel and dining. He arranges the flights. He drives. I program the GPS. We talk non-stop or we don’t talk at all – companionable silence is one … Continue reading

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