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Fa la la la la and bawk bawk bawk.

Can’t let these holiday headlines pass by without sharing: From the Drudge Report: AIRPORT SHUT DOWN – BY STUFFED CHICKEN All you anti-Drudge types out there can finally rest assured that this item proves Mr. Drudge is committed to serious … Continue reading

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LA Times: “Egg-farm video turns up the heat”

Big article in the Business section of the LA Times April 8 on the Humane Society going undercover to expose chicken factory farm cruelty. I’m sure all Polloplayer readers are buying cage-free eggs by now, but just in case there’s a straggler or two … Continue reading

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The good, the Mad and the ugly.

Ah, it was a beautiful morning. My new Keurig frother arrived, and in celebration, I made a cup of coffee topped with perfectly frothed foam in the gorgeous Raynaud cup Victoria’s mother brought me from Paris. Life is good! Polla Amiga … Continue reading

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