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Her House of Mirth.

We have a thing for author pilgrimages. We tromped to Asheville, N.C. to visit Thomas Wolfe’s home (so central to his masterpiece Look Homeward, Angel); to Key West to visit Ernest Hemingway’s home and his six-toed cats (we also followed … Continue reading

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2019 Reading Recap: Six Classic Looks

As tempting as it may be to reach for the latest fashion (dear Lord, they are hawking puffed sleeves and hot pants for this spring) there is something so soothing (and sane) about a classic look, say, cashmere and pearls. … Continue reading

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Collecting Friends

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who collect and those who do not. The only thing I seem to collect is dust. Well, dust and infirmities. If left to my own devices, I would probably collect … Continue reading

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Starry, Starry Day

Just for fun, let’s pretend we are still on our “motor-flight-through France”, even though we all know full well that I’m back in CA, still in my jammies and a ratty sweater with a mountain of tissues in front of … Continue reading

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His and Hers in Paris: Edith and Napoleon

The CE and I have always traveled well together. We are so lucky to share many of the same interests. However, when it comes to Napoleonic sabres, I take a snooze, and, surely, few of you will blame me, right? … Continue reading

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