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Hoosier Daddy?

Well, it’s my blog and I’ll pun if I want to. We flew eastward last week to visit my father in Indiana, a trip that is now safely in the rearview mirror, tornadoes and lightning and delays, oh my! It … Continue reading

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May I have the envelope please…

It is awards season, after all, and I would like to humbly suggest that the statuette for best new comedy act in Las Vegas should go to (drum roll) (sound of tearing envelope) (pan to close-ups of tight-lipped nominees pretending … Continue reading

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We interrupt this blog to bring you more shameless plugs for family members.

I hate to keep moving the chickens off their well-deserved pedestal at the top of this particular food chain (the only one they are ever likely to rule), but family members just keep popping up with blog-worthy achievements. What, you … Continue reading

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