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The wrongs of spring.

It’s a jungle out there. We know the rites of spring as rebirth and Disney-esque time-lapse photos of flowers blooming and birdsong and tall grass in meadows, but truthfully, there is a violence to this season AND DON’T LOOK AT … Continue reading

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Eating Crow About Crows; or How Luna Outwitted a Hawk

Yes, I know all about the specialness of crows. They’re smart. They’re highly evolved. Yadda yadda yadda. But they also kamikaze dive-bomb me sometimes when I step out the door into :my: yard and they often make an unholy racket. … Continue reading

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One Squat Closer?

I opened the coop door yesterday morning to discover that Hope was up on the nesting box counter all alone, tearing up everything in sight and complaining loudly. She seemed – well – hormonal, to say the least. I closed … Continue reading

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Readers Know Best.

I take back every mean thing I said yesterday about crows. Watch this video that Katherine recommended – a true story about a crow that “adopted” a kitten: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fAGzY9rnaA&feature=related Unbelievable! More information about the unusual crow/kitten bond can be found … Continue reading

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“Once Upon A Midnight Dreary…”

I have lately been perfecting the art of insomnia. Like a very long list of other things I miss about being young (intact memory, unwrinkled skin, etc. etc.), a seamless eight or nine┬áhours of sleep at a stretch is a … Continue reading

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