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Re-wind Pt 3 of 3: They say it’s your birthday!

Just a run-of-the-mill birthday, or so I thought. As they stack up, they seem less like a collection and more like, well, old age, I guess. I was planning to be happy with the gift of tyrannical tv remote appropriation (anyone up … Continue reading

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More proof that chickens rule the earth.

Herodotus and Ovid wrote of the phoenix rising from the ashes. Fast-forward a few millenia and we’ve got feral chickens ruling the roost after Hurricane Katrina. The Times-Picayune reported last week that in post-Katrina New Orleans, feral chickens are dancing in the streets. It is surmised … Continue reading

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Everywhere a chick chick!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a hard time tearing myself away from the U-stream video of the Decorah, Iowa eagles this week. http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles Twenty-five million viewers cannot be wrong: with a narrowly averted government shutdown (yawn…)  and ANOTHER … Continue reading

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Final Gifts

My father died yesterday. He was 89 years old and lived a full, happy life. We were not especially close; a product of the “Greatest Generation”, he provided faithfully for his family, and considered the little time he had left … Continue reading

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39 again!

Not sure how he does it, but the CE sailed through another birthday with his youthful good looks intact, if not his ankle. The foot continues to be problematic – lots of pain and not much sleep, but all cares … Continue reading

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Das Boot and Das Molt

Expect the unexpected. After seven weeks, the hard cast finally came off and the CE is now sporting the latest in Robo-Cop fashion. As pleased as he was to be freed from the confines of the cast, he wasn’t too … Continue reading

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Can’t Keep A Good Man Down.

The CE is most definitely putting his best foot forward. Another cast change this week, and now his foot is angled almost at normal — much more comfortable for him than the previous “neutral” cast positioning. He is doing daily crutch … Continue reading

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