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One less chicken; life goes on.

I was in LA one night recently and took Victoria out for a belated birthday dinner. Have you ever been to Mastro’s? It is probably not on Weight Watcher’s preferred list of restaurants, if they even have such a thing. Mastro’s … Continue reading

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Tulip’s first egg!

Another exciting first-egg day! When I decided to add to our flock last spring, I included a Black Copper Marans in the order from MyPetChicken.com because I was so intrigued by the dark eggs they are known for laying. I knew that hatchery chicks … Continue reading

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Name that chick!

Drum roll please! Here is the highly anticipated chick-naming poll! There was a highly un-scientific winnowing of the name submissions from Saturday by a panel of, um, dare I call them judges? If your submission did not make the cut, you … Continue reading

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